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The Good...

Chatham Marconi Maritime Center Acquires “Creed Machine” from Georgia Radio Amateur

ARRL member Gene Greneker, K4MOG, of Powder Springs, Georgia, recently fulfilled a dream for the Chatham Marconi Maritime Center museum — formerly WCC on Cape Cod — to add an important artifact to its collection. Greneker spotted a brief item in QST last year seeking a so-called “Creed machine” for the museum. While most ship-to-shore station traffic was conducted by skilled Morse operators at their keys, the Creed machine — or keyer — read a punched tape prepared in advance that generated one-way Morse code broadcasts to ships at sea.

“We have searched continuously for roughly 10 years for this artifact, following leads with historians, other museums, archivists, ham radio operators, collectors, and any other possible leads,” said Chatham Marconi Maritime Center Operations Manager Dorothy Bassett. The mention in QST, resulting from a visit to the museum by ARRL Lab staffer Mike Gruber, W1MG, did the trick. Greneker spotted it and let Bassett know he had what she was seeking.

“Our members and supporters raised the funds, and we were able to purchase the Creed machine, a custom table, and an entire exhibit to showcase this item and how it worked with our Kleinschmidt machine,” Bassett recounted. The Kleinschmidt machine — or “Klein” — refers to the equipment used to create the punched “Wheatstone” tape, the narrow ribbon of heavy, perforated paper read by the Creed keyer.

Bassett said that once the exhibit is complete, the museum plans to install a button that visitors can push to start the machine, “so guests will get to hear the Creed working, see the tape move, and watch the pins and mechanics in action.”

Greneker said the Creed machine is a rare find for a collector, and he obtained his when he and Fred Dorsey, WA4TDC, bought an entire lot of equipment that had been installed at WOE in Lantana, Florida. “Most of these stations only had one keyer to broadcast the traffic lists on the hour, and these were cut with the Wheatstone perforator,” Greneker told Bassett. “Given that there were not that many shore-to-ship stations, not many Creed keyers were ever manufactured.” Greneker said the machines were assembled by hand and expensive to purchase. He speculated that the Creed machine he donated may once have been at WCC.

“RCA was famous for taking old equipment from the flagship station (WCC) and sending it to the smaller stations when they needed some item. The flagship station then got the new replacement equipment,” he explained. Greneker explained that when shore station operators such as RCA closed those facilities, “the entire station was loaded up and carried to the dump, making the keyers almost impossible to find today.”

“This piece is very special to us,” Basset said, “and I can’t thank the ARRL enough for running the ad that secured procurement.”

-ARRL Letter


The Bad...

FCC Levies Fine on Georgia Amateur for Deliberate Interference

The FCC has imposed a fine on a radio amateur in Georgia after concluding he broke FCC rules and the Communications Act. In a Forfeiture Order released on July 29, the FCC fined David J. Tolassi, W4BHV, of Ringgold, Georgia, $1000 for failing to properly identify. The FCC had proposed the fine 1 year ago in a Notice of Apparent Liability for Forfeiture (NAL), noting that Tolassi had been warned the previous summer about not following Part 97 ID rules. The FCC said at the time that Tolassi’s “deliberate disregard” of the earlier warning warranted the proposed penalty that it reaffirmed this month.

The FCC said Tolassi did not deny transmitting on 14.313 MHz on the date in question, but he argued that his comments were within the 10-minute window mandated by the rules. The FCC disagreed, however, noting that Tolassi never identified during 15 minutes of transmissions that agents had monitored.

Tolassi had requested the FCC cancel the NAL and substitute a Warning Letter, asserting that the FCC has issued multiple warnings before imposing fines in similar cases. Tolassi was not being treated any differently than other licensees have been, the FCC countered.

-ARRL Letter


And The Almost Ugly...


WASHINGTON, DC — A solar storm that jammed radar and radio communications at the height of the Cold War could have led to a disastrous military conflict if not for the U.S. Air Force’s budding efforts to monitor the sun’s activity, a new study finds.

On May 23, 1967, the Air Force prepared aircraft for war, thinking the nation’s surveillance radars in polar regions were being jammed by the Soviet Union. Just in time, military space weather forecasters conveyed information about the solar storm’s potential to disrupt radar and radio communications. The planes remained on the ground and the U.S. avoided a potential nuclear weapon exchange with the Soviet Union. Read the story here!

-Fairbanks Daily News-Miner








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Radio History: A Century of Amateur Radio and the ARRL

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