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It is with profound sadness that the association announces the passing of Jim Washburn, K4GYH of Douglasville on May 23rd. Jim was a fixture on the "pre-net" on 3975 for years, and his quick wit and humor will be sorely missed.

You may sign the online guestbook and read the obituary at
Whitley Garner At Rosehaven Funeral Home
8640 Rose Ave, Douglasville, GA


I had the Privilege and Honor of knowing Jim for Nine years. We talked almost every night on the radio and sometimes on the phone.

Everyone I have met as I have gone through life was special in some way, but Jim was Extra Special.
He carried a heavy burden being a care giver . His Wife, his Mother, his Sister, his Daughter and anyone else that needed him.
He gave up going to events so he could be sure proper care was given to those he Loved and cared for.
Besides doing all that, he still made time to be with and participate with his Grand Children which he dearly loved. He was a great influence on his Grand Kids.

Jim was a person who loved to have fun also. You could tell by his witty and joking manner on the net. He loved his radios and the net. I am sure it was a a way to take some of the stress off of him. His passing has left a space in the net that can never be filled. It will never be the same.

Jim was also a special former Marine supporting the Marine Corp Toys For Tots Program.
Although I was never a Marine, I believe in this Case I can Say. " SEMPER FI" and Gods Speed Jim.

God has called Jim Home now so he can get a rest and have peace.


-Robert Dary, W4BRS

Hurricane Season 2015
National Hurricane Preparedness Week: May 24 - 30

History teaches that a lack of hurricane awareness and preparation are common threads among all major hurricane disasters. By knowing your vulnerability and what actions you should take, you can reduce the effects of a hurricane disaster.

Hurricane hazards come in many forms, including storm surge, heavy rainfall, inland flooding, high winds, tornadoes, and rip currents. The National Weather Service is responsible for protecting life and property through issuance of timely watches and warnings, but it is essential that your family be ready before a storm approaches. Furthermore, mariners should be aware of special safety precautions when confronted with a hurricane.

Download the Tropical Cyclone Preparedness Guide (PDF) or follow the links for more information. But remember, this is only a guide. The first and most important thing anyone should do when facing a hurricane threat is to use common sense. -- National Hurricane Center

National Preparedness Week is also a good time for ARES and other operators to test radios and other gear for viability, test and charge batteries, fire up emergency power generators, and complete their go-kits for possible deployments. It is also a good time to review your family hurricane plan, and coordinate it with distant relatives, and neighbors. Present your neighbors with disaster communications services potentially to be offered by you and your station. Conduct a meeting of your CERT to plan and drill. Hurricane season is only one month away. -- K1CE, ARES E-Letter

National Hurricane Center Station WX4NHC to Activate for Annual Station Test

The National Hurricane Center Amateur Radio station WX4NHC will conduct its annual station test on Saturday, May 30, 2015 from 9 AM to 5 PM EDT (1400Z to 2200Z). This is the station's 35th year of service at the NHC.

The purpose of the event is to test the Amateur Radio station's equipment, antennas and computers prior to this year's Hurricane Season, which starts June 1 and runs through November 30.

This event is good practice for operators world-wide, and familiarizes National Weather Service (NWS) staff across the country with Amateur Radio services available during times of severe weather.

WX4NHC senior operators will also be performing operator training. The objective is to make brief contacts on many frequencies and modes, exchanging signal reports and basic weather data ("Sunny," or "Rain," etc.) with any station in any location.

WX4NHC will be on-the-air on HF, VHF, UHF, 2 and 30 meter APRS and WinLink ( -- subject header must contain "//WL2K". Operations will be held mostly on the recognized Hurricane Watch Net frequency 14.325 MHz; operators will announce frequency changes. Amateurs can find the operation on HF by using one of the DX Spotting Networks, such as DX Summit. WX4NHC operators will also be on the VoIP Hurricane Net from 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM ET (2100Z to 2200Z): IRLP node 9219/EchoLink WX-TALK Conference node 7203. Local southern Florida area VHF and UHF repeaters will also see WX4NHC presence.

QSL cards are available via WD4R. Please send your card to WD4R with a SASE. Please do not send QSLs directly to the Hurricane Center address, as they will get delayed.

Due to security measures, no visitors will be allowed entry to the Center without prior clearance from the Center's PIO and Security. Only WX4NHC operators on the pre-approved operating schedule will be allowed entry. For more information about WX4NHC, please click here. -- Julio Ripoll, WD4R, WX4NHC, Amateur Radio Assistant Coordinator

Highlights of the Sun, by SDO Over Last 5 Years

The Sun is the source of what, in part, is needed for ionospheric HF propagation. For the last five years, we have had an amazing front-row seat to the Sun's activity, minute by minute: the SDO spacecraft. And, we expect many more years of super high definition viewing.

Here is a video with highlights of the last five years of solar activity as seen by the SDO spacecraft. This is worth seeing on a larger monitor, so try to view it full screen on something larger than your palm. The music is pretty good too. It is worth the 20-some minutes of stunning viewing. Be sure to share!



The Buzzard Roost Certificate

The "Buzzard Roost", an "educational" gathering....not a net!.... convenes on 3975 kHz at 2400 UTC on Monday nights. They issue a certificate to folks brave enough to check in!



Radio History: A Century of Amateur Radio and the ARRL

Look at this "history" of ham radio through the eyes of the ARRL, an interesting read!


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